Generating eye-catching custom artwork

EmergentArt is a project of Emergent Methods’ research. This website exhibits the work of an in-house software called, JaiRevAI. JaiRevAI is aimed at high-resolution artist quality renderings. The Emergent Methods’ software is based on the “style transfer” technique, conceived in 2016 by Gatys et al., to merge the style of one image with the content of another image.

Building smart software

Emergent Methods set out to build an art generation software that solved the many shortcomings associated with the original style transfer method, such as image resolution limitations and unsightly artifacts. Named JaiRevAI (J’ai Rèvé, which means “I dreamed” in French), this software allows EmergentArtists to view large “parameter spaces” (combinations of parameters that control the final image) from a bird’s eye view.

Paying attention to detail

JaiRevAI generates high detail images using industrial grade hardware and efficient software.

Technically sound

From a technical standpoint, JaiRevAI manages a customized multiscale style transfer method injected with stochasticity, accelerated with mixed precision, and distributed across multiple graphics cards.