Frequently Asked Questions

What is EmergentArt?

EmergentArt is an art-based, machine-learning (AI) company focused on producing high-quality, unique wall-hangings or NFTs for clients. Our services include NFT consulting services such as minting services, collection promotion services, auction management services, and royalty distribution services. We serve individuals as well as enterprise clients, and we create personal art to be used as intimate gifts or commercial art to be sold and distributed to the public. All clients provide us with a set of goals that include image content, style type, color palette, tone, etc. The image can be portrait, landscape, abstract and more. The style type can include impasto, watercolor, abstract, etc. We customize to your desires, your space, your décor and your emotions.

Which styles can I choose from?

The options are only limited by your imagination. Our in-house software, JaiRevAI, can adapt to any style you wish, including but not limited to:

  • Classical paint textures such as impasto or watercolor
  • Simplistically beautiful methods such as charcoal or pastel
  • Modern styles such as poured acrylic or alcohol ink
  • Pareidolia inducing textures such as flower bouquets, tree canopies, peeling wood, etc.
  • Unlikely applications such as embroidery
  • Psychedelic and fractal type designs
  • Realistic textures such as rock, wood, clouds, frosting, etc.

How long does it take?

The length of each project can vary from three days for high-resolution file delivery, one week for a fully minted NFT, or up to four weeks for ultra high-resolution framed art door delivery. Each project has various levels of complexity, and for this reason we can only estimate the project duration after our initial discussion. During your project, your EmergentArtist will send you samples of work and request your feedback. In some cases, the client and EmergentArtist may consult several times before finding the perfect stunning piece. A detailed description of the various steps can be found here.

How much does it cost?

There is no commitment required by the client. Typically, clients send us their images to see what our artists can do with them. In some cases they choose to take a low cost digital image, other clients choose to print a full size framing. The cost varies between (€ or $) 10-1,000 depending on the project complexity, the desired resolution, and the products delivered. For example, an instagram-resolution image will cost (€ or $) 10, while a fully framed 40×60 cm (16×24 inch) print delivered to your door will cost closer to (€ or $) 400. All these details are discussed during the first discussion. We accept PayPal or bank transfer in dollars or euros (€ or $).

Which materials can I print to?

We specialize in printing to canvas, acrylic glass, fine arts paper, and aluminum. More details available in our Print Materials webpage.

Will my Art be reprinted and sold on the EmergentArt website?

No. Most clients prefer to know their artwork is one-of-a-kind, and we are happy to keep it this way. However, we do offer a 10% discount for clients who accept a request from us to post and resell their artwork.

Who owns the rights to my image? Can I reprint, reproduce, and sell it on my own?

The client owns all rights to the image (in the case that the client did not take the 10% discount described above). This means the client can take the digital files and reuse, modify, resell, as they wish.

What is this “style transfer” method that we use?

In addition to traditional tools, we use a method called “style transfer” conceived in 2016 by Gatys, et al. Style transfer uses Artifical Neural Networks to optimize the “pixel distance” between our generated image, a content image (e.g. image of Billie Eilish, left), and a style image (e.g. embroidery, middle).

Can I buy the JaiRevAI software?

At the moment, JaiRevAI commercial release is proprietary and is only available to partner developers and artists. If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us with an inquiry.

Est-ce que nous pouvons parler en français l’artist et moi?

Oui, nos EmergentArtists parlent français ou anglais, comme vous voulez.