How does it work?

What is EmergentArt?

EmergentArt is a project of Emergent Methods, a machine learning research company. The Emergent Methods’ software, JaiRevAI, is carefully designed with novel applied machine learning techniques to generate high-resolution art.

  • Enabling massive parametric sweeps on Convolutional Neural Network hyper-parameters.
  • Dynamic network handling methods found no where else in industry.
  • A user-friendly front-end for artists.

What is “style transfer”?

JaiRevAI is based on a method called “style transfer” conceived in 2016 by Gatys, et al. Style transfer uses Artifical Neural Networks to optimize the “pixel distance” between our generated image, a content image (e.g. image of Billie Eilish, left), and a style image (e.g. embroidery, middle).

Can I buy the JaiRevAI software?

At the moment, JaiRevAI commercial release is proprietary and is only available to partner developers and artists. If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us with an inquiry.