NFT services

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a new way of owning digital art. The technology was created in 2015, but only burst into global consciousness in early 2021. NFTs provide verifiable authenticity, ownership and history. Anyone can look at an NFT and see who created it, how many times the piece of art was traded, and the monetary amount of each transaction.

Learn more about why NFTs are being embraced by the art world here.


  • Create stunning custom artwork 
  • Write/publish companion articles 
  • Distribute content to traditional media outlets and social media influences 
  • Mint NFTs to the blockchain 
  • Auction NFTs via public marketplaces
  • Manage proceeds/royalties

What you get from your NFT collection

  1. Positive publicity: We combine your art collection with a well written publication to appeal to news outlets and social media influencers. These outlets pick up the “story” and share with their readers/viewers/followers which drives traffic to the collection, and ultimately to your institutional website.  
  2. Financial gains: NFTs are designed to be auctioned, traded, and shown-off. Each of these traits translate to financial gains which can be used to support institutional charities, scholarships, or community funds.
  3. Permanent web presence: We store the collection and companion article online collection and companion article stay in the public domain forever, continuously directing web traffic to the institution.
  4.  Passive income: Each time these NFTs trade hands, the institution receives a “transaction royalty.”

Typical reasons clients come to EmergentArt:

  • Institutions that want to generate strong online and newspaper publicity for a particular event or occasion (e.g. anniversaries, milestone achievements, retirements, etc). These universities, sports teams, non-profits and companies hire EmergentArt to create a stunning collection of relevant artworks. 
  • Honoring important athletes and their achievements with collections of unique artwork and well written legacy news articles

Entities in the news that have used NFTs to generate positive publicity and fund charities or generate profits:

How much does this cost? 

In some cases, it may be completely free for the institution if they elect to assign a portion of the proceeds/royalties from the auction to EmergentArt. The total cost depends on the scope of the services, where creation of art alone will cost less without the addition of other services such as writing a companion news article, promoting the auction, and minting the art to the blockchain. Typical prices range from $1,000 – $10,000. 

What do they look like?

Our artists use a variety of styles including:

  • Classical paint 
  • Charcoal or pastel
  • Modern styles 
  • Pareidolia inducing textures 
  • Unlikely applications such as embroidery
  • Psychedelic and fractal type design
  • Realistic textures such as rock, wood, clouds, frosting

Who are we? We are a strong team of three people

  • Robert Caulk: Our artistic mastermind behind the artwork that has delighted so many clients at EmergentArt. His work has been featured in multiple exhibitions, most notably the “Romantica” Exhibition in Milan, Italy, where it received strong critical acclaim. 
  • Steve Caulk: Our media liaison and creator of written content. He brings to our clients a background of 40 years of journalistic expertise and 20 years of creating/executing highly effective publicity ideas.  
  • John-Joseph Vanecore: EmergentArt’s front-end developer working to imrpove our inhouse art generation software, “jaiRevAI,” the envy of the industry.