Our artists help turn your ideas into stunning artwork

In a nutshell

EmergentArt works directly with clients to generate stunning personalized images to be shared digitally, printed to posters, framed as traditional wall hanging art (see testimonials) or minted as NFTs. Clients can choose to pay anywhere from 10 – 400 USD/EUR depending on their budget and printing desires. In most cases, the client simply sends their image to us without any commitment and waits to see the results before making their printing decisions.

How it works

Each project begins with an artist-client meeting, by text or phone call depending on the client’s preference. The artist will gather the necessary information and images from the client. For example, the client will indicate the desired mood, color palette, type of image (portrait, scene, landscape etc.) The artist will then begin creating the custom artwork for the client. Artists will inject their own creativity into the process, but will also keep in mind the goals set fourth by the client at the beginning, as well as any modifications requested during the process. After sending some examples to the client and collecting client-feedback, the artist will generate the final images. If the client wishes to receive a professional quality print of their personalized artwork or simply a digital image to share or print on their own, they may request it at this time.

Digital files sent to you directly

All finalized digital files will be sent directly to your inbox as soon as they are completed and you have confirmed that your expectations are met.

Professional print shipped to your door

Shipped to your door. (€ or $) 100-1,000 depending on print size, print material, and project complexity. From canvas to acrylic glass, framed or linen backed, we have a wide range of available print materials.

Satisfaction guaranteed

EmergentArt prides itself on producing high quality stunning artwork. We refuse to let a client accept a subpar product, and for that reason we stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a client is dissatisfied with our services at any point during the transaction, they can cancel the project and request a full refund. Even right after the print is delivered to the client’s door*. No questions asked.

*Clients only pay for return shipping of artwork if they seek a full refund after order is shipped.