Using machine learning to

uncover stunning art

News: EmergentArt Featured at “Romantica Exhibition” in Milan, Italy

“Les Fleurs Perdues” was featured at the MADS gallery in May 2021 where viewers could interact with EmergentArt’s digital pieces in one of the most intimate settings possible.

Enabling massive parametric sweeps on Convolutional Neural Network hyper-parameters.

Dynamic network handling methods found no where else in industry.

A user-friendly front-end for artists.

Creating stunning artwork

Using our custom software, JaiRevAI, EmergentArt creates custom portraits, landscapes, and abstract artworks based on unique art styles or using a “clin d’oeil” (nod) to famous artists.

Software geared toward high resolution

JaiRevAI is designed in-house to produce 4K resolution images for an incredible level of detail.

Developing software to explore hyper-parameter spaces